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First step, you have to log in and retrieve an authentication token.

POST http://api.rinexlab.com/v1/login

 With a JSON body containing your email and API key.

    "email":"test_user @ rinexlab.com",

The server response is expected to be a code 200 with the following JSON content.

    "token": "ey...Hg5p"

This is the authentication token you'll have to put in the authorization header for any further process. The token expires after 24 hours. After that, you'll have to do the login process again.

Example in Python 3.x

import requests

host = 'http://api.rinexlab.com'
version = 'v1'

email = '[your email]'
key = '[your API key]'

r = requests.post(f'{host}/{version}/login',
token = r.json()['token']

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